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What Can You Do With A Mini?

2011 Foals Page!

Blessed are the Broodmares!

Pint Size Miss Tiffet



Sire - Browns Mr T

Dam - Roys Toy Spiffet

QtrRaes Mystic Sooti Katrina

AMHR 5/6/02

Sire - Kohlmans Blue Boys Luckey Mark II

Dam - Mensing's Apachie Sooti

Pines Midnight

AMHR 33.5"


Sire - Komokos Little Thumper

Dam - Oak Hill's Sugar

Annie Red

AMHR 33.5"


Sire - Fisher's Leopard Apache

Dam - Duchess Tana

Bissel Mounds Penny Kay
AMHR - 35.0"

Sire - Winners Circle Medicine Man
Dam - JPF Smoke Pearl

East Acres Special Babe

AMHR 33.5"


Sire - Oak Forrest Harlequin

Dam - Prides Little Midge

Mentzer Miss Coke

AMHR 34"


Sire - M-D Johnston's Gold Boy

Dam - M-D Coke

QtrRaes Mystic Sonoras Tender Luv

AMHR 4/25/04


Sire - Grosshill Tenders Nite & Day

Dam - Corkens Sandi Sonora Knutson

Sunset Ridge Lil Mercedes

AMHR 4/22/02


Sire - Flamingos Buckoff Banner

Dam - Fikes Snow White

Trudy's Lucy

AMHR 33.5"


Sire - Rocky Rockhead

Dam - Stacey's Little Monkey

Sunset Ridge Tequila Rose

AMHR 7/10/03


Sire - Flying "H" Whiskey Jake

Dam - Flying "H" Turks Tina Star

Tjeerdsma's Cookie

Sire - JJ's Cracker Jack
Dam - Tjeerdsma's Blue Eyes

QtrRaes Mystic Kameo Aleshia Blue
AMHR - 5/11/06

Sire - Buds Blue Blaze
Dam - MW Royal Aleshia

QtrRaes Mystic A Unique Gem
AMHR - 4/15/06

Sire - Pittmans Cheyenne Medicine Man
Dam - Trudy's Lucy

Neeka is a dun pinto with one gorgeous blue eye.

QtrRaes Mystic Kenzi Kasey Blue
AMHR - 5/15/06

Sire - Bud's Blue Blaze
Dam - Kasey

Check out Kasey's red dun filly on the Foals Page

QtrRaes Mystic Tiffets Emmy
AMHA & AMHR - 6/13/05

Sire - L and L Farm Boss
Dam - Pint Size Miss Tiffet

Check out Emmy's 2010 buckskin filly on the Foals Page.

Sunset Ridge Softly Whisper
AMHA & AMHR - 5/29/06

Sire - Pittmans Cheyenne Medicine Man
Dam - Jandt's Shes A Beauty Bee

QtrRaes Mystic Dreaming of Bretta
AMHR - 4/17/04

Sire - Painted Perfections Picazzo
Dam - Pint Size Miss Tiffet

Bretta is a cremello with gorgeous blue eyes.

Pondlakes Lil Sheza of QtrRae

AMHR - 4/22/08


Sire - BHM The Shaman

Dam - Tjeerdsma's Cookie

Retired Brood Mares


AMHR 36.25"

Dagnillo's Painted Lady

AMHR 34.75"


Sire - Pence's Bandelaro of Kamelot

Dam - Foxy


QtrRae Mystic Minis

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